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Get a fair no-obligation offer quickly PLUS our valuable land-selling checklist, an interview with Land Experts, and closing with a Title Company or mobile notary!

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful checklist, an expert interview, and we close safely and securely.




What Is On The Other Side After You Sell Your Land?

If you sell your land for fair cash without fees or stress, you will bring many positive outcomes into your life and get rid of any stress or concerns your land is causing:


You will get a sense of relief and freedom to make life decisions.


You will pay off debts, medical bills, increase your 401k, or invest better.


All the stress will vanish and no more need to maintain the land.


All the taxes, liability insurance, and all land-related fees will disappear.

The TOP Three Reasons To Sell Your Land


You can’t afford to build on it, you had plans but life has changed those plans.


You inherited the land but don’t want it and you’d prefer to have the cash.


Your financial situation has changed and you need to liquidate some assets.

When Should You Keep Your Vacant Land?

If you are wondering “Should I sell my land?” and you’re still not sure, here are four situations when it’s better to keep your land:

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful checklist, an expert interview, and we close safely and securely.

Can You Get Fair Cash When Working With A Realtor?

Do you have a friend that’s a realtor? It may seem convenient, but the outcome may not be what you want. Here’s what you should be aware of:

Our Client Inherited Land And Here’s How We Helped


One of our clients had been paying taxes for several years on a property that she inherited. She had never seen the property and didn’t really want it. She tried selling it with a realtor but didn’t have any luck.


But with us, it was completely different. She was so happy when we came along and bought her land. She was able to put some money in her pocket and was relieved she no longer had the tax burden on the property.

The majority of clients have never seen the property, they live far away so it’s out of sight, out of mind. Some of them have back taxes or liens on the property that have prevented them from selling, so we’ve been able to help them wipe the slate clean and help them to sell. If you’re in a similar situation, get your no-obligation cash offer for land today.

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful checklist, an expert interview, and we close safely and securely.

Our Story Is All About Helping Burdened Landowners

We are Tina and Shirley at RaeLand, LLC.

Tina always had a passion for Real Estate. Her experience started with the first rental property with Shirley and other partners. After gaining more experience, she got her realtor license in 2010. She worked for a large company doing house flipping as an acquisition analyst.

Shirley also loves the Real Estate industry and has owned rental properties as well as managed a successful Airbnb business. RaeLand, LLC was created by Shirley and Tina came on board as a partner in 2022.

Since then, they enjoy helping clients ditch unwanted land whether they acquired it through inheritance or a previous purchase that didn’t work out due to life changes.

The Truth About Working With Us

At RaeLand, we help landowners sell their land, as-is, in ANY condition without fees or stress. Over the last couple of years, we’ve helped landowners become free from owning their unwanted land without wasting time.

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful checklist, an expert interview, and we close safely and securely.
Working with us gives you many benefits:
You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful checklist, an expert interview, and we close safely and securely.

Our Process Makes Land-Selling Comfortable And Fast

Submit Your Land

Fill out the form on this page and submit your property. We’ll begin our review process. We look at county data, recent sales data, and we research comparable properties to determine what we can offer you for your property.

We Make You A Cash Offer

We make a cash offer for your land. We will contact you either by phone or email to present and discuss with you our offer amount. Once we have come to an agreement, we’ll prepare a purchase contract and send it your way.

You Get Paid

Once we receive a signed contract, we will begin the safe closing process and arrange a closing date with you. Leave all the work to us. Funds will be sent to you by a safe - change to reputable escrow company.

We Guarantee To Find A Solution, No Matter What

We guarantee zero fees

We make it simple to get rid of your unwanted land with no fees, commissions and no stress.

We guarantee safety & security

The closing is all handled by a registered Title Company who handles the closing and transfer of funds from escrow to you.

We guarantee to wipe the slate clean

Any liens or back taxes are wiped clean for you during this process and you pay… nothing.

We guarantee options

If we can't buy your land, we will give you the information which will enable you to make more informed decisions.

Claim Your FREE Land-Selling Specials!

A Checklist: All-In-One Checklist To Sell Vacant Land (Avoid Problems. Find The Best Way. And Get Fair Cash.)

This checklist will tell you what you need to check before selling your land. You will uncover how to assess your land’s value, and how to choose to go with a realtor or land investor. You will learn all about probates and back taxes. Get all your answers by completing this checklist!

“Top 5 Things To Know When You Sell Your Land”

Helpful and insightful interview with Tina Alcoser and Shirley Wilson, founders of RaeLand, LLC about how they help vacant landowners. You’ll discover in what situations would it be a good time to sell your land? What are the various options to sell your land? And much more.

A Mobile Notary + Closing With A Professional Title Company!

At closing, we will arrange a time and place to suit you. This can be via an e-notary or mobile notary completely FREE of charge to complete the transaction, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. We use a professional and reliable Title Company to ensure a safe and secure closing process. All legal paperwork, fees to cover closing, and document filing are covered by us. It costs you nothing to close!

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Landowners Ask And We Answer

We make the transaction easy and very transparent. We will send you a purchase agreement for the agreed-upon price. We then conduct deeper due diligence and put the property into escrow. All funds handled for the property will be done with a reputable Title Company or Attorney. Title reviews, closing document preparation, all paperwork is done by our team and is provided to you prior to closing.

We spend time conducting deep due diligence on the property. This involves conducting title and lien searches, ensuring title insurance can be issued, and fixing any potential issues that may impede the use of the property. But we usually close much sooner than expected. We also work with Title Companies who perform the closing process and there can be delays here, depending on how busy the title companies are at that time.

Once we go through all of the research, we are then able to safely close on the conditions that we promised in the contract. The closing agent will issue all closing documents to you for review and once approved, they will arrange a date and time that suits all parties to close for you. This can be done either in person or via a Mobile Notary, whichever you choose.

Once the notarized documents are received by the closing agent and are recorded, the closing agent will arrange a check or wire transfer to you, whichever you choose. This typically happens within a few days after the signed documents have been sent to the Title Company from you.

If you requested an offer on this site, the purchase agreement we sent is the actual contract that we can use to buy your property. If you received this contract, either sign and send it back to us in the mail or let us know you want E-signature service via DocuSign to be sent and we’ll send it over that way. This is always a no-obligation offer so if you don’t like our offer, simply throw away the contract or let us know you want to be taken off our mailing list.

We assess all properties based on attributes. Some of the properties have issues that need fixing and we ensure these issues are fixed for you prior to closing. Also, we look at the fair market value for the property and what it takes to make the property usable. This may impact what the real value is, versus other properties in the area that may already be cleared and ready to build on and have access. As property investors and buyers, we also do all of the hard work for you: due diligence, fixing any issues to ensure it can be used, and liaising with all title companies and attorneys to have any issues fixed. We approach this with the mindset that everyone wins: you, the end-user of the land, and us, the investor.

YES! I Want To Be Free From Owning Vacant Land!

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful checklist, an expert interview, and we close safely and securely.

You’re just one step away from being the next happy land seller. Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision:

P.S.: This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell your land quickly without any fees or stress, for a fair cash price.

P.P.S.: Our spots are limited because we can only work with a few landowners every month. If you want to avoid disappointment, click above to get your premium extras along with an offer for your vacant land right away!